Where to Get a Good Hunting Dog


If you are a hunter, chances are that you will want man's best friend tagging along and helping you out when you go off to the hunt. You are going to want to get a good hunting dog to go with you. Small game hunters get gun dogs such as spaniels, pointers and retrievers to help them retrieve small game and fowl.

A good hunting dog will be more than just a working dog; he will be a companion and a friend. Most hunters will form a bond with their hunting dog that parts only with the death of one or the other. To get a good hunting dog, you normally have to get one as a puppy.

Do not waste your time getting a hunting dog from a pet store. Pet stores often get their dogs from puppy mills. Just because a dog comes with papers does not guarantee that he will be a good hunter or a good dog. Puppy mills often have dogs in squalid conditions and inbreeding also occurs. For this reason, stay away from pet shops and go to dog breeders when you are looking for a hunting dog.

Backgrounds Of Puppies

Take a look at the background of the dog breeder as well as the parents of the puppy. Most good dog breeders will have both of the parents on the premises. Both dogs should have papers and, of course, be in good health.

Conditions Of Kennel

Take a look at the conditions of the dog kennels before you purchase a hunting dog from a breeder. The breeder should not have any hesitation about showing you the conditions under which the puppies are kept. This is one of the aspects that set dog breeders apart from puppy mills. Puppies should have plenty of room to move around and not be stacked in cages.

Background Of The Breeder

Check out the background of the breeder. When looking for a breeder of hunting dogs, it is good to get a recommendation from a friend or even your veterinarian. Talk to your vet about good breeders in the area or ask those who have hunting dogs where they got their puppies. You can also ask the breeder for references.

Getting a good hunting dog requires a bit of background checking and knowledge about dogs as well as knowing what types of hunting dogs might be appropriate for hunting. Hounds and terriers make excellent companions for hunters while huskies are good for pulling loads and backpacks. Types of dogs that have strong scenting abilities such as bloodhounds, beagles and Foxhounds also make great hunting companions.

While choosing a hunting dog that will be a good hunter you will need to consider a few factors. Health is one of the most important things to consider. A hunting dog should be healthy enough for hunting and not have any genetic conditions that might be passed on to the puppies. You should also take your dog to the vet annually to make sure that he is as healthy as he was before.

You will also need to make sure that the hunting dog you choose is a good swimmer. Many dogs will not use the opportunity to swim and you will not like the results. A dog that is a good swimmer will have more energy and be able to swim for extended periods of time. You will also need to consider the weather when choosing a hunting dog.

Cold weather hunting dogs are particularly important and should not be overlooked. You will need to choose a hunting dog that can stand the cold weather and the hunter should not choose a dog that is ill- suited for the hunt. Choose a good dog as a hunting dog.

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