Potty Training Yorkies – 3 Fast Facts to Help You Potty Train Yorkshires


Potty training yorkies is simple when you follow these three steps which you should start implementing as soon as you bring yorkies home. In order to house train your puppy quickly and easily follow these three steps:

1.Using a crateis an effective method to prevent accidents when you potty train yorkies. Not only that using a crate is great for training but in short just like a dog trainer would say 'crate training' is probably the most effective and humane method to train your puppy.

In short, dog trainers agree that when it comes to potty training even young puppies can learn rather quickly and with a consistent routine most puppies will follow what you want and won't have accidents.

2.Be pro-active in your actionsaround the house. If you notice your puppy doing a particular behavior, it is your responsibility as a responsible owner to do something about it as soon as possible. For example if you find your puppy chewing on your flip flops, take the flip flops away and replace it with a dog toy. Do not continue to yell and scream, instead firmly tell your puppy something like "no" and replace the flip flop.

3.Be Consistentin your actions and in your actions.If you are not consistent with the puppy in terms of voice tone and actions you should be consistent in that too. Puppies are smart and they will take the opportunity to learn things if you are not consistent with your actions.

Puppies are cheery and they would be happy to see you and they would also be happy to see whatever they did to deserve some petting, but they only do these things when they are about to experience some pleasure. Like we mentioned in a previous article, they only crave your attention and when you give it to them they would jump for joy. You have to be careful not to be cruel to your puppy in order to drive them to have higher statistics in terms of potty training success.

As you can see, potty training your yorkie requires you to be patient and give them some time to learn. But keep in mind that you will have to be very patient and give them some time to learn because they are not quick learners and could take a little while for them to get the hang of certain things (including the word potty), but they will get it.

Like what they say, 'Patience is a virtue," and that applies to your puppy also. You have to be patient with them, and never forget to give them praise for every good behavior they do. They have a habit of relieving themselves indoors, but don't forget that they also relieve themselves outside, so when you find a mess that they made in your house, make sure you bring them outside, so they will learn that this is where they must relieve themselves. Like a baby, your puppy most likely will not be able to hold it for very long, so when you see them sniffing and acting like they need to go to the bathroom immediately bring them outside, and they will.

Hopefully, you remembered that your puppy needs to go outside after every nap, every meal, after playtime and before they go to bed, and you will do your best to bring them outside after every one of these events. Puppies are very intelligent animals, and although they may take a little while for them to catch on, they will get used to it. If you see your puppy start to act like they have to go to the bathroom, immediately bring them outside so they will learn that is what they must do.

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