Poodles – The Perfect Companion


One of the most popular dogs of all time, Poodles are a truly great breed of dog, not just a wonderful family pet or a wonderful show dog, but a companion, and in particular a very good friend.

I have had Poodles all my life and would never consider another breed. They are wonderful friends, just the perfect size, color, strength and patience for just about any situation.

They are also one of the best companion pets that you can ask for. It is usually easy to get a competitive edge by cross breeding, but the Poodle is such a beautiful dog, that they tend to enhance each other. cross breeding could be done for the sake of other hypoallergenic breeds, but you would be looking at a lot of time and expense so here is my advice, go for a pure bread Poodle and if you want to keep it pure, than be prepared to spend more time finding a competent, conscientious Poodle breeder who really does understand the breed and has a passion for it as well.

A word of warning, Poodles are very high strung and excitable dogs, they are best behaved dogs for small children. That is the main reason that many Poodles end up being weeds to adopt because they have clouded the Poodle's ability to be a family dog.

The Poodle is an affectionate dog, one that has its own way of showing love and moving towards what ever is moving in front of them. While they might be a little stubborn on occasion, they are also intelligent and have several wonderful traits from their bloodline.

The Poodle originated in Germany, a water dog of the seabirdic age and the word poodle itself comes from the German word pudel which means 'splashing'. As you may know that means to ' splash' in the water is a coastal towns baseball bat right? You can imagine the Poodle jumping up and down from here. Therefore the poodle is also a shore dog, a rabble rager and in fact the airplane of the dog world. They are usually clips, but I have seen all kinds from Poodles of many different sizes and colors.

The American Kennel Club standard of a Poodle is a length of 30 inches or more, with a weight of 45 pound or less, and a height of 15 inches or more. The Poodle also requires extensive grooming such as clipping, trimming, stripping, and de-scaling. Their coats texture is extremely different and very hard, not at all what I would call soft or wavy but instead very curly, almost like dreadlocks. The Poodle is a wonderful dog for the whole family, but should not be one for the timid owner. They are miles better than poodles that are fussier or timid.

Poodles are very competitive and do not take well to being ignored as a result of being hyperactive. You can see this when they are training, they are actually competing with each other to see who can get the job done faster. It is best to establish who is boss early on and make sure to train them this way from the get go.

The American Kennel Club standard describes the Poodle well and is very easy to read and understand. There is no doubt that they are excellent dogs, and will make a wonderful addition to your family. If you are in the market for a dog and even a puppy, I would strongly suggest that you at least consider a Poodle.

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