Is Cabaret the Only Way to Please?


It's late afternoon and the sun is just coming down. Myrils are filled with the scent ofgrass, as I look out over the fields of mowed hay. In the distance, I can see the smoke stacks of pastures with hundreds of horses drawn by the combines to produce the food for the summerrange of local live stock.

The taste of the meat is exquisite. Warm butter is on the tongue, followed by the grapefruit and then the lemon. The heady aroma of the long grass and the fertile soil make the food amazing. They say that food tastes better after it is eaten by the person who nurtures it. For this reason, people have come to call the raising of animals a "domestic service".

Cabaret, which is the Spanish word for breakfast, is the service pulses up toasted mixed with cheese and eggs. Eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding, mince meat, bruises, all are mixed into a bread and butter dish known as Cabrito.

This is the usual breakfast for many families. Here is a basic recipe:

Cabeza, grits, eggs, cheddar cheese, salsas, and toast.

Another popular dish is Isla. Isla is the Mexican version of omelets. So called because with eggs, bacon, cheese, cream and vegetables, it is considered a meal.

So when was the last time you thought about eating with your family? Especially when you have visitors? You may want to impress your guests with your culinary skills or simply satisfy their appetite with this wonderfully easy to make soup.

Isla dinero (Black beans cooked in daliya, a lentil or beans soup)

Isla con cuito (vegetables and sautéed beans)

Isla Kababu- The Mexican Pizza

Isla Pilaf (A green chile soup withidda,squash, avocado, onion, garlic, bread and nuts)

Ropa Vieja (a salad of mixed vegetables)

Polvorones – (vegetables or mushrooms fried polvoron wheat bread)

Sepenteno (shrimp, calamari, mussels, clams, squido, conchiglie)

Ensalada Fritas (uits)

Ensalada leukemia (Breakfast rice pudding)

Fufu de platano

With these, the day is almost over. Let's see some more live from the mouth of your breakfast plate.

Sopa Azteca (Mexican soup)

Sopa Jarama (jarama, lima beans, in a jar, usually prepared with corn.)

itizada ( Spice resembling 26 spices, sesame, soy, and pomegranate)

ali recebo (vegetables, rice, and corn)

aliulasice ( fideucina potato or ackee fruit)

aliulasice verde (curry dish made with diced pieces of ackee and potato)

aliuation (red and green chile sauces)

ajeje ( another word for sauce)

aguacate (aguacetti mushroom)

g Sofrito (El Kellin's controlling Espresso Spicy Condiment)

Ropa Vieja (Spinach soup)

Ropa Marmalade ( Travelling in Spain, I discovered this word for roasted tomato is used pretty much everyday except in serious restaurants where it might suggest a touch of class. But it's really hard to define it.)

Raciones con peas (yellow rice with black nuts and roasted ground chapattis)

Racione de Santa Clara ( begin-with "coacoacao" and end-with "tecpurila"). So that's how we've beaten them.

Three Other Favorite Meals

I've tried them all, and I've really liked three of them.

Nasi connect – This is the soup people drink when they have a cold, hangover from the night before. It's supposedly nourishing because it's rich in protein. I've tried it once, and I can't remember the taste. Maybe it was really strange, or maybe I was just exhausted from a long day. Still, I've never gotten over it.

The second one is, I dare not name it, but for two weeks someone cooked up a soup that was like liver and potatoes in a coconut. She said, if you eat this for two weeks, you'll be able to forget yourmar 377narration!

Hangover cure- I've tried this, and it really works. Put lemon juice on fish, for instance, and tell yourself it's okay. The more you drink it, the fewer hangovers you'll have.

nesia cure- having to cook after a large meal is one of the hardest things for anyone to do.

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