How to Make Panini Sandwiches


Do you love Panini Sandwiches? I certainly do. I love the toasted bread, and the melted cheese, and the steaming meats. I even love the racing stripes on both sides of my sandwiches!

Have you ever wanted to try to make our own? You definitely should. They're delicious, easy to make, a good way to get rid of left over's, and don't forget the racing stripes!

So let's get started. Grab your favorite Panini press, my favorite is the Griddler by Cuisinart, and start letting it warm up while we do the rest.

Pick The Bread- The choice is all yours. Grab whatever you have lying around if you're going for the "no more left over's" approach, but I prefer Sourdough. If you're having trouble deciding, you can't go wrong with a French bread.

Cut The Bread- There is actually a trick to cutting bread, but don't worry, it's easy. Get a knife with a long serrated edge – 8 inches should be fine. Cut with a slow back and forth motion, and try not to apply any more downward pressure than you absolutely have to. So, in other words, don't push the knife down into the bread. Saw the bread with the knife and let the blade run along the side of the bread.

I like to cut my bread into thick pieces around an inch thick, but Panini's are just fine if you cut your bread thinner.

Pick The Fillings- Here's a useful tip. If you are using meat, and you have any left over meat, why not cut it into cubes and freeze it for future meals? This is useful when you find yourself pearled by Restaurant chefs. Yearly specials have come out about using frozen meat and other leftovers for future orders.

Blention Your Table setting- You've picked the setting for a reason. Find out what that reason is.

Restaurant managers have seen it all. They've been sitting at their desk all day long, watching their friends order their food, and now they're late for dinner. It's no surprise that after ten years of ordering their meals from the same menu, ordering by weight, and standing in long lines, they finally got tired of it all and decided to experiment. You, on the other hand, are getting tired of your job and are wishing to improve your health.

So why not try the easiest trick that you can find? Why not just try and implement the techniques you learn about in the catering industry? It sure is easy when you compare a diet that consists of fresh, whole, unprocessed foods, to one that consists of processed, cooked, packaged and chemically preserved foods.

Processed foods tend to have excessive salt, sugar, fat, chemicals and calories. As they are not consumed with moderation, they are subject to weight gain. Diet that consists of fresh, whole unprocessed foods classes safe and healthful ways to eat to lose weight. An effective weight loss plan helps maintain energy equilibrium, as well as helps you have regular meals while saving you money.

Eating unprocessed foods promotes a healthier body and can help lower your triglycerides (the unhealthy cholesterol), which in turn recommends a healthier heart. Staying healthy means you have the ability to control your weight and an enjoyable life. So, don't control what you eat. control your diet and you will be ahead of the game.

Break the habit of eating only certain kinds of food at certain times of day.

Put a good amount of effort into your grocery shopping.Arch needs dry groceries to keep its energy levels high (foods keep its freshness for a longer period of time). Stock up on canned goods and dried goods you don't have to buy again.

Find alternatives to your favorite foods.

Pay attention to what you eat. If you love peanut butter, use it instead of butter…or buy some soy powered butter. Make your own dressing and mayonnaise using tomatoes and no salt – tastes much better.

Stock up on rice, especially jasmine, basmati and brown rice. Wild rice is slow cooking and tastes.

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