How to Give Your Dog a Proper Bath at Home


Yes, dogs are physically incapable of washing themselves. Dogs have skin functions. But if you don't bathe them regularly and insufficiently, a dog can develop skin rashes and allergic reactions just like a human being. Bathing a dog at home is very easy. All you have to do is make him feel comfortable and at ease.

First of all, you need to have all the items you will need ready before starting the bath. Furry brushes and flea combs are needed to brush off the excess hair around the dog's eyes. You need cotton balls to stop him from scratching or rubbing, and you need a host of puppy pet supplies for the bath. You can buy them at a pet store, but you may want to search for them online.

A leash if necessary, a non-slip mat, bath accumulator, towel, shampoo if you wish to shampoo the dog, a hair dryer if you have one, comb or brush if necessary, nail clipper, hydrogen peroxide if necessary, metal bowls for food and water, a leash if necessary for placing the dog in the car, and some puppy pet supplies items if the dog is lost. If you don't want to keep buying different kinds of food and water you're going to need to take some time out to accustom your dog to the new water and daily diet. Your puppy may reject the new food You will need to do this gradually, and not until each day, the dog will not want to get his new food. Do not frighten the dog by exposing him to the water or by putting him in the bathtub. By all means, play with your puppy and enjoy stroking and petting him. But do not allow the puppy get more than five minutes before you wash him. Towel him off to about one-half cup of water and let him get accustomed to the temperature.

For most pups once they are in the tub they may stand to reason and do not want to get wet. If so, you are going to have to lure them in for their first lesson. This is by far the hardest part of training your puppy. But if you are patient and you have some success give it time. You most likely will need to manipulation the pup into getting the shampoo out. Use a towel or a hair dryer (in a powered type) to dry him off most effectively. Most often you will need to leave the shampoo on for 30 minutes or even an hour.

You're probably handed a dog brush at the first training class. This is indeed a good idea. It will teach your puppy to get used to grooming. A puppy training bolster will assist you in gaining ground in your puppy's grooming. It will brush and comfort the puppy after a bath will help it get used to being handled and brushed.

When you are training your puppy make sure you check for cuts. Check the pads of your puppy's feet for cuts and consult your veterinarian on the best treatment for your puppy. You'll be Responsible for taking care of your puppy, so use the right products to fix him up. If the wound is not deep investigate; a needleless syringe and clean, sterile teabag or celluloid such as used stockings.

You need to practice the art of positive reinforcement. This is a good way to train your puppy for obedience. This isn't cruel by any means, and it works to give you both a good feeling toward your puppy and a solid relationship. It doesn't by any means replace classical conditioning and other types of learning, but it surely helps.

Just remember to really regulate the quality of dog training and not to scare the poor thing. That's not always possible, but it is always recommendable to learn how to treat your dog.

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