Do it Yourself Dog Training With Great Results


Barking, peeing, and biting things that he/she shouldn't do, does this sound familiar? That's what all puppies do, and some adults! Barking is a behavior that needs to be 'red carpet' ignored until it is no longer a problem.

In fact, some people say that a bark means a dog is stressed and that something has gone seriously wrong. Something is wrong with the routine, the dog is stressed and needs to be reassured and some kind of dog obedience training is in order.

Other problems are separation anxiety – dogs tend to do this when left alone and owner is not present. Dealing with this behavior is by giving the dog something to keep him occupied while your are away. This can be toys, balls, etc. that take up considerable space, They also like to have something that will attract their attention without your doing it. They may take some time to chew on something, they may not want you to give it to them. They may get to have a snooze, but it is important to reassure them for their own sanity.

If you come home to find that your favorite shoes are in pieces or that they have been chewed to a pulp, this is an indication that your dog would love to chew on something that is familiar to them. 'Red carpet' again. A firm consistent 'No' to stop the chewing and reassure the dog that they are safe.

Sometimes you may come home and find that your dog has chewed or tried to chew on something that is not a treat, this can signal that they are anxious and there could be separation anxiety.

If you find that chewing on a forbidden object including your furniture is causing anxiety then it is time to look at the reason for their anxiety. Once you have sorted out the reason for their anxiety then you can apply some suitable dog obedience training methods to cure this unwanted behavior.

There are several types of behavior problems that can be effectively addressed by dog obedience training, ranging from teaching the dog doggy not to go through a door or gate, to getting him to sit and wait to be let out of the yard.

If your dog has chewing problems that are resulting in damaged furniture, it is important to apply a behavior modification program, especially if the damage is happening when you are not around. Apply some healthy natural remedies to help in the process.

When trying to teach your dog not to chew on the wrong things, like a table leg, you should apply a deterrent. A bitter spray is a good idea. You can place a little bit on the table leg, or even on an item that is not permitted to be chewed like a shoe. He will soon make the connection that he can't chew on that table leg, and will have to chew on something else.

If you have a dog that is a tennis ball freak, and loves to chew ball, you could give him a ball and see if he will chew on that instead of a household item. This is one method that may be a little cruel, as he will take theinesey. But he will make associate chewing with the ball, and not something else, thus being less likely to chew on your household possession.

Just remember that you are not the only one with a dog that likes to chew on things. Teach your dog the rules of your house, and to discourage inappropriate chewing. A little patience and time will lead to a well mannered dog that is a joy to live with.

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