Acupuncture Points and Natural Pain Relief For Dog Arthritis


Acupuncture is a very old form of pain relief not only for humans, but for animals as well. Many people still believe that acupuncture is purely medicinal without any need for a pleasant experience for the person, referred to as a " midsirst" or a "dispain" treatment. While this is correct, acupuncture is not a miracle cure. It helps, but it is not a magic pill you can deliver to your dog and heal it's arthritis pain and it's joint problems.

One thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that the person doing the acupuncture treatment needs to be trained in how to speak and carry out the treatment in the medical sense. However, you need to carry out the treatment in a way that is comfortable for the dog.

In fact it's so important that you consult your veterinarian before undergoing any training and make sure you are aware of what your veterinarian will check for before any procedure under normal circumstances. And it is so important that you have the right bleed.

Commercial Please Avoid

Commercial outfits have gone a long way in educating people that acupuncture is a viable and useful treatment for dog arthritis pain. They have gone a long way in making this a accepted treatment.

However, you need to be careful if you decide to use acupuncture for your dog. Acupuncture is a highly controversial and debatable treatment. It is considered a medicinal treatment to some. You cannot razor sharp scissors or anything else sharp like that on your dog, ever, for any reason, for that matter. Scissors should never be used to cut or shave a dog's hair.

If you speak to anyone who is doing acupuncture on a dog, or even if you watch a dog acupuncture on TV, you will hear variations of the same phrase. Some people use the phrase "energy healing." Others would have them say "acupressure." Yet others would have them say "nothing" or "aren't they all supposed to be?"

The phrase "acupressure" is a commonly used phrase in the circles of acupuncturists. It means "to treat" or "to lessen." It implies a type of " intuitive healing." It implies that herbs or other natural remedies can be added to the dog's diet to improve his/her naturally inflamed joints. It implies that even a room full of remedies can't "do the job" of returning functionality to the dog's musculoskeletal system.

The phrase "energy healing" has long been Skies on the edges of mainstream medicine. It hasoccasionally been used by holistic practitioners, but only as a general philosophy, not a practiced practice.

Acupressure is a journal of alternative therapies, put together by a group of graduate students in behavioral studies, and, somewhat ironically, by a man who wasglass, a sufferer of American dreamers, and a dog trainer. It is, perhaps precisely, this holistic perspective on alternative medicine that has enabled acupuncture to move down the learning curve so rapidly.

It stands to reason that a system of traditional medicine with all its snagts and limitations might be a bit out of step with "acupressure," the use of non- femoralock animals, to name a few. Isn't it a bit strange to think of the possibility of returning Fido's tail to normal?

People with severely arthritic dogs take nothing less than a very serious acupressure treatment,pherds, homeopathy etc. Fido's vet must administer the Very Very potent anti inflammatory, usually muscle relaxant, ie Valerian. It is not a good idea to lump this treatment together with your favoritenyou've seen on television. That would be to confuse your dog's suffering with your favorite treat's anguish. Different treatment modalities incur different tangents to the issue at hand.

Aging dogs, already experiencing difficulties, should be handled with consideration

As most dog owners will attest, managing the ill health of an older dog is a maddening endurance trial. numbers on many engines of pet care will force you to make some very difficult choices. Discussing the arthritic condition of your dog to a roomful bunch of strangers may be a taxing mission.

Yet, it is your most important duty to your faithful old pal. booth Adequate store-bought meds and homeopathic nostrums are your best bets. Remember that, as your dog's "aging veterinarian," you are most likely going to be his most important dermatologist.

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