A Dog's Bark – Is It a Good Or Bad Idea?


Experts debate whether to consider man's best friend a good or bad influence on their barking. Is their barking good as a warning to other animals and of themselves to alert us about their needs? Experts know that dogs have two different types of barking. They have an aggressive barking that is intended to a pack up, and a calm barking that a dog uses to acknowledge their owner.

Certain breeds are prone to aggressiveness like guard dogs and pit bull dogs. Large dogs with a loud bark are intended to alert their owners to intruders or to scare them away. But other breeds like toy dogs and lap dogs, have a much lower level of aggressiveness and mainly just enjoy barking.

The purpose of correcting a dog barking problem is to allow the dog to express its true nature. They bark because they like to, that's all they know. Help your dog to learn when it is acceptable to bark, and they will become a better member of the neighborhood.

Here are a few steps you can use to stop a dog's barking:

Dog training corrections for aggressiveness in dogs is a straining thing to accomplish but do not let it drive you up the wall. indenturing proper barking manners are your responsibility, that is the great solitary difference between you and the dog, and you must not let it get in the way of your correcting the problem.

You must learn to teach your dog that a barking is not an acceptable behavior. Reprimand the dog when it tries to get you to participate in its barking antics instead you should leave the room, close the door or turn your back to the dog. Do not pay attention to the dog you are punishing, just move away.

That means no responding to barking, or making any noise over the situation. Pay very close attention to your dog's body language. If you turn your back on the dog, this will send the message that you too are ignoring the situation.

You need a very sharp correction on the tone of your voice. something like "Naughty!" "No!" "Stop!" But a word like "Quiet!" would be enough to get the message across.

For a dog trying to keep you out of his sight, a short sharp correction "out" would be enough to accomplish the same purpose. The important thing here is consistency when giving your dog a correction, you must keep the same command until he obeys it.

Help your dog to learn what he must not do to deserve being corrected, and help him to differentiate between appropriate behavior and bad behavior. This will lessen the chance that he will feel guilty about misbehavior and will understand the necessity of appropriate behavior.

correction must be associated with the unwanted behavior, and must be delivered with swiftness so that he can associate the correction with the behavior. stripes on the door are not sufficient, you must remove your eyes from the dog and give him a swift and sharp reprimand.

Again, just like a child, a dog needs to be guided and taught what is expected of him. But just like a child, a dog also needs to be loved and talked to, to feel that his owner loves him. This causes him to want to please. A dog that feels loved and cared for is less likely to display the negative behaviors that he has learned to display.

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