9 Surprising 100 Calorie Snacks for Dieting Between Meals


When it comes to dieting one of the main issues and headaches is finding out how many calories a product has.

Often they're written in the ingredients chart that can be minuscule to read and even then confusing when labeled per serving.

Below however you will find 9 different snacks that all hover around the 100 calorie mark, giving you a few ideas of what you can eat if you're trying to minimize your daily calorie intake which for most people is 50 or less.

1. Home-made popcorn – 90cal

A great source of fiber, home-made popcorn is right up there when it comes to the homely smell it gives off much like freshly baked bread.

2. Fresh home-made cheese and tomato toasty – 94cal

This is a slimmed down version but still sumptuous; chop some spring onions over some whole grain crisp bread along with a chopped tomato, then sprinkle 15mg of less fat mature cheese and place under a pre-heated grill.

3. Frozen vegetables – 97cal

The days of frozen vegetables are long gone, in fact they now form a large portion of our diet. With the onslaught of frozen food it's no wonder we are learning to cater for our health more and more. The main DietaryMENT.com free report on diet says that we should be eating at least measure 30% less fat, along with less than 4% saturated fat.

4. Dried whole tomatoes – 97cal

This little round you see in almost all grocery stores has become a miracle diet food. It's a great source of vitamins and minerals and if you store it in your pants you will find you can eat quite nicely without even realizing you are eating fruit.

5. 4% fat mature cheeses – 101cal

For those of you who are protein challenged, here is a great source of protein, the " Project:Red Dinner " project which teaches you how to make diet choices that are beneficial for you and your mates.

6. Long-Life issues and weight management – 102cal

This diet is a combination of eating raw and living green. You will find that you can even get away with eating some fresh food every day if you plan these daily. The benefits are many and you will feel great benefits along with the lowering of your body fat percentage.

7.afein meat jerky – 97cal

One of the best things about this kind of diet is that you can take it on the go. You can pack it in an air-tight bag and it will keep fresh for up to a year. If you want to give your kids a nice treat they can grab a pack of beef, pork, etc. They are also perfect for any snacks.

8. 100% Juices – 101cal

ables like this don't tend to have such a long shelf-life so they need to be consumed within a short amount of time. They are much better for you, plus they taste great.

9. Frozen Foods etc – 97cal

Frozen foods and other canned goods usually have a much shorter shelf-life. It's a great idea to get a couple packs – try and keep them in the fridge.

10. Eat healthy – salads are great for this diet

salads are the best in the world. It's so much fresher. But you can still keep your normal healthy eating habits. Just make sure that where you eat you are conscious of presentation, and that you don't eat more than necessary. Even salad dressings are usually made with oil, so make sure you stick to a healthy dressing like mustard, for example.

I suggest that you take 30 minutes to mix your meals for 30 days. Start by buying a few days worth of the foods listed above. Cooking the foods will make them much more colorful, and fresher. You will have to try new things, explore your fridge and your food's current state. Here are some suggestions:

• Halve chicken. Take the dark skin off before cooking.

• Cut meats into cubes. Make them smaller. Mix one part cooked chicken to one part cold chicken, and then add a tbsp of water or broth.

• Use vegetables and olive oil instead of butter or lard.

• conquered more dishes, became more communication confident, and happy.

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