5 interventions That Will Definitely Stop Your Dog From Barking


Does your dog bark excessively? Often owners are confused as to what to do to have their dog stop barking.

In order to stop dog barking, we need to first understand why dogs bark in the first place.

Dogs bark for several reasons. They bark if they are scared, happy, bored, cornered, frustrated or territorial.

Here are 5 ways to stop your dog from barking:

1.Give your dog enough exercise.

If you've been keeping your dog tied up in a cage for a long time, then it's not a wonder that he barks too much. A dog needs to release himself from his cage and finally get a chance to run around.

2. satisfy his natural needs.

For example, if your dog is barking because he's bored, you can give him some extra toys, and let him play with them. You can also give him some extra food, as well as more challenges to keep him entertained.

3. bump him up by giving him a tasty treat.

A dog barks for several reasons, and one of the main reasons, especially for a dog just like mine, is for a tasty treat. You see, dogs are extremely social, and every time they smell something tasty, they start barking. It's hard for me to believe, but my dog barks for just a simple tasty treat. This is only because he loves me, and I love him too.

4. scare him from another dog.

Of course this isn't really an answer to dog barking problems, but it is a good start. This one sounds silly actually. What you can do is try to scare him of the other dog, by yelling at him and showering him with abusive and intimidating words.

5.Put a shock collar on your dog and see if it helps.

This one sounds too stupid to be serious. What you can do is to use a shock collar, that would be specifically designed to stop a dog from barking. The good thing about this type of collar is that it doesn't hurt the dog, and it doesn't hurt him either.

Now that you know what possible reasons can be the cause of your dog's barking, you can now start addressing the problem.

1. Make sure your dog has a plenty of toys that will keep him occupied.

2. If your dog barks, go up to him and say firmly 'quiet'. Then give him a treat as a reward. Make him realize that a 'quiet' be given him as a reward, and not for barking.

3. Another alternative to use is the squirt bottle trick. This works especially well on a puppy. Every time your dog barks, or goes up to the window to bark, spray him with water from the bottle. It will interrupt his barking and will also remind him that it is his own barking that is barkinghe doesn't wantthat is what he barking for in the first place.

4. Last but not least; give him a physical exercise. This is very important in the case of excessive dog barking caused by boredom. Make sure that your dog has a plenty of time to exercise. The least thing he wants is to confined to a small area all day or all night, especially while you are sleeping or simply trying to relax. Your dog will find no other way to pass a long time if he doesn't have any open space. Also it will be very important for his own health. Lack of exercise may cause your dog to become portulsive which can lead him to dog barks in an attempt to find still some free time to exercise himself.

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